Online Casino Games with Live Dealer

Everyone loves to gamble, and lately, many have taken the opportunity to access the large number of games that are available to players around the world if they play in an online casino.

Now, thanks to technological development, online casinos have taken a step forward and can offer players a richer and significantly more realistic gaming experience.

The advancement of video streaming technology and access to faster Internet connections have created a new niche in online gaming called Real Time Gaming or Live Dealer Casino Games.

Image result for live casino

Image result for live casino

Reputable online casinos and some land-based casinos are using this technology to offer some of the most popular live casino games using real gaming tables and live dealers who play win bet the game. This game is streamed to the player in real time via the online casino software.

Players log into their online casino software and select the Live Play option. They join the game of their choice, and a new window opens that is split between showing the dealer at a real gaming table and an enlarged view of their cards or playing area.

All the player’s activity at the table is broadcast directly through the casino program, and all the dealer’s work is broadcast directly to the window that the player opened on his screen.

This form of play makes it possible to use the multi-player option, and several players can play at the same time at the same gaming table in exactly the same way as in land-based casinos.

Another key advantage of online casino games with a live dealer is the additional trust factor that accompanies such games, offering players the opportunity to closely follow the game and see how the cards are shuffled, how the roulette wheel spins, and not just blindly trust the random number generator, as this happens in automated online casino games.